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Friday, December 14, 2012

Newtown Connecticut

Today my heart truly bleeds. I live in Michigan. Geographically, I am far from the tragedy that is unfolding at this moment in Newtown Connecticut where a gunman has attacked an elementary school, but spiritually speaking...I am there. The news hasn't been fully reported yet, so I won't attempt to give any details or statistics. I just can't understand what makes a human being act so violently against other human beings, not to mention how disturbing it is when that 'animal' murders a classroom of innocent children. What causes a person to have no respect for life... be it the life of others or their own?

Saturday, December 1, 2012

Quest for the Glow

Quest for the Glow

It's taken a lot longer that I wanted, but Quest for the Glow is finally published in ebook form on Amazon.  The paperback version will follow, as soon as the chapter artwork is finished.  If you haven't read Willow Crossing yet, it is FREE until midnight tonight (December 1st).  If you're ready to pick up your e-copy of Quest for the Glow... you can get it here... 

Book three is well under way.  If you've enjoyed your visits to E.Magi.Nation, then you will want to watch for the release of Nameless Nickels, where several characters from each of the first two books come together for one final journey... a journey with a purpose!  Thanks for reading!